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Sustained Drug Release Using Combination of Polymers   Vivek Fulbandhe,Kamlesh Wadher and Milind Umekar

Sustained Drug Release Using Combination of Polymers

88 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The work summarizes the use of polymers having diverse physio-chemical nature to retard the release of drug from matrix tablet. Over the years use of single polymer or polymers with similar nature are intensively studied for their role in sustaining the release of drug. The work which had been under investigation emphasizes on use of a well known and thoroughly investigated material, HPMC along with naturally occurring not so used materials, Gum Copal & Gum Damar. The focus of the study was to formulate a system containing blends of polymers to sustain the release with desired performance. Different formulations were found to show very diverse nature of release from the matrices. The rate and nature of release was studied using software so as to monitor the changes in due course of release. In future the similar studies are expected to draw more attention as cost effective products and use of more natural materials will get demand across the glob.
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