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Tissue Culture and Phytopharmacological study of Michelia champaca   Dr Sumeet Gupta,Preeti Sood and Late Raj K. Jaggi

Tissue Culture and Phytopharmacological study of Michelia champaca

144 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An evolution of the pharmaceutical industry arose around the early part of 20th century in all over the world. With the progress in chemical techniques, crude drugs came to be replaced by pure chemical drugs and the developed countries witnessed a decline in popularity of medicinal plant therapy. However, during the recent past, the pendulum oscillated again towards herbal plants. This revival of interest in plant-derived drugs is mainly due to the current widespread belief that ‘Green Medicine’ is safe and more dependable than the costly synthetic drugs, many of which have adverse side effects. Plant tissue culture technology and Preclinical studies has developed into a potential area of plant science for obtaining economically and medicinally important plants. This book consists of two parts one is plant tissue culture and another one is phytopharmacology of Michelia champaca. I have no slightest doubt this book will be direct benefit to students of pharmacy, botany, biomedical and...
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