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Thiosemicarbazone   Rakhi Mishra,Prem Shanker Mishra and Ruchi Singh


124 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For the ready reference of synthetic route to Thiosemicarbazones the book is likely to be popular with both teachers and students.In recent times all over the world,derivatives having Thiosemicarbazone nucleus is under research for various diseases.This book is a reference as well as a template for future developments through modification or derivatization to design more potent therapeutic agents. Author Rakhi mishra presently working in TIPER(Translam Institute Of Pharmaceutical Education and Research)MEERUT has added a brief description of thiosemicarbazones synthesis which was not possible without the help and efforts of ruchi singh who is now working in pharmacy college Sitapur and Prem Shanker Mishra working as asst professor in MIET,MEERUT. Authors are thankful to Prof Dr Shamim Ahmad ,Prof Dr Shuaib ,Prof S.Riaz Hashim,Prof Dr R Ravichandran,Dr M Vijyaanadhi without whom guidance this work was impossible.We are also thankful to khushi,rashi,anupam, for their...
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