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Insect Repellents   Akanksha Garud

Insect Repellents

252 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Personal protective measures for the protection of human being from the painful bites of blood sucking organisms are of practical alternative to insecticides. A number of studies have found that compounds containing specific functional groups were more effective repellents as measured by the duration of protection. For the present study various substituted amides were synthesised. Biological evaluation of the screened compounds will pave path for the successful candidates as lead compound which will be valuable for humans in fighting against the various outbreaking insect borne disease. The knowledge obtained will give an insight to the understanding of the chemistry, biological and pharmacological evaluation of the substituted amides. These studies were useful to design and formulate a suitable repellent for the protection against the bites of mosquitoes.
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