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Laboratory Manual of Dispensing Pharmacy   Haresh Mulani

Laboratory Manual of Dispensing Pharmacy

168 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dispensing Pharmacy involves preparation of dosage forms and traditionally considered as an art. Here an effort is made in which all the necessary information is compiled and kept at one place systematically and in simple language. The experiments are divided for convenience into two parts, namely preparations and prescriptions. Preparations part includes discussion on aromatic waters, syrups, elixirs, linctuses, solutions, suspensions, liniments. Prescriptions part consists of powders, emulsions, effervescent salts. Appendices included at the end of the book help the students for quick reference. It includes a small dictionary that explains the difficult words. Special emphasis is given for the general principles for each type of preparation/prescription, examples for each type, with diagrams,figures and tables, evaluation tests, appendix as a ready reference.Suggestions and criticism from students and teachers are welcome.
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