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Novel Herbs for Liver Disorders   Arshed Iqbal Dar and Ramesh Chandra Saxena

Novel Herbs for Liver Disorders

180 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
HERBAL MEDICINE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST PILLARS OF PEACE. Liver is the main organ for metabolism, secretion, storage and has tendency to detoxify the drugs or toxic substances. Therefore, damage to the liver inflicted by hepatotoxic substances is of grave consequences. Inspite of tremendous strides in modern medicine, there are hardly any drugs that stimulate liver function, offer protection to the liver from damage or help regeneration of hepatic cells. Herbal medicines are being increasingly utilized to treat a wide variety of diseases, though the knowledge about their mode of action is relatively scanty. So there is a growing interest regarding the pharmacological evaluation of various plants used in traditional system of medicine. Drugs from natural products to treat diseases is a therapeutic modality, which has stood the test of time even if much of the science behind such therapy is still in its infancy.
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