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Studies on Hepatoprotection by Ranitidine and vitamin E   Vinayak Sapakal,Rahul Adnaik and Nilofar Naikwade

Studies on Hepatoprotection by Ranitidine and vitamin E

64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The liver is an important target of the toxicity of drugs, xenobiotics, and oxidative stress. Liver diseases are serious public health issues in our nation, as it currently affects more than 60 million worldwide. Liver ailments remain one of the serious health problems. Wide prevalence of liver diseases and lack of hepatoprotective agents necessitated to develop satisfactory remedies for its protection. More than 600 drugs have been implicated in cases of hepatic injury; thus, recognizing drug induced liver diseases is an important and challenging task for clinics. This book, therefore, provides the crucial role of cytochome P-450 in mechanisms of liver injury and methods of monitoring hepatic functions in animals. The book mainly focuses on hepatoprotective potential of cytochrome P-450 enzyme inhibitors against drug induced hepatotoxicity in preclinical rat models by assessing liver enzymes, antioxidant parameters and cytochrome P-450. The data should be especially useful to...
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