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Remedial Effect of Phyllanthus Acidus on Bleomycin Provoke Pneumopathy   Santhosh Kumar C.,Kamala Kannan K. and Karthikeyan D.

Remedial Effect of Phyllanthus Acidus on Bleomycin Provoke Pneumopathy

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Lung is the respiratory machinery of the body, which plays an outstanding array of critical functions in sustenance of the body. It’s often affected by a multitude of drugs, all of which rest a burden on this vital organ that can culminate in various lung ailments. The most frequent and imperative obstacle in the bleomycin therapy is the Pulmonary toxicity. Pulmonary fibrosis (pneumopathy) is characterized by an increase in lung matrix and alterations in the numbers and spatial relationships of lung parenchymal cells. The increase in matrix results from a proliferation and activation of fibroblasts with increased production and deposition of matrix macromolecules at sites of lung injury. In this context, phyllanthus acidus is well known for its exploitation as an indigenous remedy in many lung, liver ailments. Thus, the present study was embarked upon in an endeavor to explore the salubrious role of phyllanthus acidus against the pulmonary repercussions provoked by bleomycin in a rat...
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