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Characterization of Loranthus ferrugineus cardiovascular activities   Omar Z. Ameer

Characterization of Loranthus ferrugineus cardiovascular activities

288 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Herbs have been used as medical treatments since the beginning of civilization and some derivatives have become mainstays of human pharmacotherapy. Over the past few years, the search for new plant-derived prototypes has been expanding exponentially all around the world. While advances in the novel development of phytomedicines have been growing at startling pace, continuous research is necessary to validate the pharmacological activities of many herbal remedies. Therefore, the present work by Ameer investigated the pharmacological activities of L. ferrugineus, a plant used in Malaysia folk medicine for management of hypertension. Very little academic literature exists on L. ferrugineus cardiovascular effects. Accordingly, this study has thoroughly characterized the hypotensive potential of this plant, elucidated the mechanism by which it exerts its effects and chemically defined its possible constituents using relevant scientific approaches. Data derived herein...
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