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Impact of clinical pharmacists counseling in cardiac failure patients   Anoop Paruchuri,S. Selvamuthukumaran and S. Madhusudhan

Impact of clinical pharmacists counseling in cardiac failure patients

68 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Patient counseling has always been an integral part of a clinical pharmacists job.The counseling was carried out in a rural hospital in Southern India where the patients were newly exposed to the pharmacists counseling. This work has been carried out to study the impact of a Clinical pharmacist counseling. A total of 59 patients were enrolled in the study out of which the complete data was obtained from 51 patients. The study was carried out using a questionnaire and its respective scoring technique. The results were obtained and analyzed statistically. The study showed that there was a positive impact of counseling on the quality of life in patients. The counseling aided the patients in better understanding of their disease and importance of their medication adherence which eventually reduced the frequency of their symptoms and emergency room visits.
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