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Nanoemulsions as Vehicles for Transdermal Delivery of Aceclofenac   Jignesh Modi

Nanoemulsions as Vehicles for Transdermal Delivery of Aceclofenac

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Since the discovery of nanoemulsions, they have attained increasing significance both in basic research and in industry. Due to their unique properties, namely, ultralow interfacial tension, large interfacial area, thermodynamic stability and the ability to solubilize otherwise immiscible liquids, uses and applications of nanoemulsions have been numerous. The objective of this research work is to present briefly the possible applications of the novel compartmentallized systems of nanoemulsions. The large variety of applications (from enhanced oil recovery to nanoparticle synthesis) as well as the steadily increasing number of research workers engaged in studies on nanoemulsions due to their unique properties, have made significant contributions to many branches of chemistry and technology, and suggest that the potential of nanoemulsions as novel compartmentalized liquids will be even more significant in future. Humanity will be faced with a powerful, accelerated social revolutions as...
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