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Formulation and evaluation of Liposomal Drug delivery system   G.N.K. Ganesh,R. Sureshkumar and V. Senthil

Formulation and evaluation of Liposomal Drug delivery system

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Anticancer drugs are known to produce serious side effects to other healthy tissues. The more serious effects are myocardiopathy and pulmonary toxicity. Therefore targeting such type drugs to the cancerous cell is essential because these drugs are new for the treatment of different type of carcinomas effectively. Usually a therapeutically profitable target agent relationship is far from ideal and undesirable side effects are usually observed. The alternative is to use simple functional molecules which transport the drug to the specific site and release it to perform task. This book provides the information about the formulation of docetaxel liposomes and its physico-chemical characterization.
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