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Taste Masking By Ion Exchange Resins   Rashmi Dahima

Taste Masking By Ion Exchange Resins

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Medicines are known for its bitterness. Time is not the same, when medicines are said to be always bitter and unpleasant. Everyone dislikes to take medicines because of its taste. It is the measure area of concern for the patient compliance especially when it is about toddlers. This makes the taste masking thrust research area for scientist.Exploration of resins in this field has changed the scenario as well. So many resins are available in the market, used to mask taste of bitter or unpleasant drugs depend upon their nature. This book explores taste masking by different ion exchange resins. The author has optimized various grades of resins for effective taste masking of bitter drugs. This practical approach is going to be very beneficial for every student or scientist, deals with pharmaceutical dosage form design.
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