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Sustained Release Floating Multi-particulate System   Kunal V. Parmar,Rajesh Parikh and Mukesh Gohel

Sustained Release Floating Multi-particulate System

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Research is the process of converting a useless stone to a wonderful creation. It is a continuous process of perseverance till the desired outcome is achieved. It widens our vision, fills us with confidence and fuels the fire of determination to succeed inside us so that we can start our journey on the “road less travel” unhesitantly. Research is like putting focus on some dark obscure facts of universe about which everybody know but nobody dare to go into. The work embodied in this book is a handful of contribution to the boundary less research taking place globally. As one flower doesn’t make a beautiful garland, my work would not have been a reality without the wholehearted encouragement and active participation of some magnanimous souls. Taking into consideration the limits of the pages I would like to acknowledge as many as possible the contribution from you. I am very happy to publish my work and I think it would be admirable to all
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