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Research Projects in Pharmaceutics   Ulhas Hadkar

Research Projects in Pharmaceutics

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book has been divided into fourteen chapters and each chapter covers a Research Project.I have made every effort to make the research projects as clear as possible. Theoretical background has been given at the begining of the chapter.The research projects on Diffusion are grouped together.A variety of research projects are covered in this book.A novel idea such as viscosity of biological membrane through diffusion study should intrest most of the researchers in pharmaceutical sciences.A pharmacologist would be intrested in research project on Drug-Drug interaction through acetyl choline response.The chapter on Isotonicity of Parenterals and Pharmaceutical suspensions should be helpful to a formulation chemist.A physical chemist should be delighted to know the utility of HADKAR FACTORS H1 & H2 given in the chapter on Critical Micelle Concentration of Surfactants.The chapter on Centrifuge Chromatography may be useful in introducing the technique at the undergraduate level.I thank...
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