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Formulation, Development, And In-vivo Studies Of Anti-hiv Vaginal Film   Bhargabjyoti Sahariah

Formulation, Development, And In-vivo Studies Of Anti-hiv Vaginal Film

76 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A tremendous development has been made in the field of controlled drug delivery system in the last few decades. The term control release has a meaning not only the scope of sustained action but also it implies a predictability and reproducibility in the drug release kinetics, which means the release of drug ingredients from the delivery system produce at a rate profile that is not only predictable kinetically, but also reproducible from one unit to another. Recently, several technical advancements have been made. The vagina is perhaps a less explored but efficient route for drug administration due to presence of dense blood vessels network and avoids liver first-pass. To date, most vaginal drug delivery systems have been formulated as conventional / traditional formulations such as gel, tablet etc. However, a clear justification subsists for providing long-term, controlled release of vaginal anti-retroviral in order to provide continuous protection against heterosexually...
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