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Investigational Product Management in Clinical Trials   Vinay Vijay and Ashish Khandelwal

Investigational Product Management in Clinical Trials

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Investigational product management in clinical research is an essential part of safety and efficacy in respect of patients. This book aims to help students to deal with the new concepts and techniques for management of investigational products. Each section in the book contains several case studies, methods and procedures regarding drugs. Specifically in clinical research the concepts of IP management are explained in tough procedures. Hereby, several cases and methods are elaborated with the simple way of understanding. This book is the result of deep stress and the serious efforts of the brain of Authors to ensure your success in future. This is an award of countless endeavors and invaluable notes from deep practical works done in clinical research. This book is not only useful for IP management but can provide a good platform to develop basic fundamental of clinical research studies.
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