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Global compliance to Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice   Abubaker Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim Noordin

Global compliance to Pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice

60 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In most cases patients have no ability or chance to decide their type of medicine, brand name, time to take and how to preserve. However, use of poor quality drugs exaggerate illness and result in tremendous cost of life, so it is essential to regulate production and use of medicines, this is the reason beyond adoption of pharmaceutical regulations. World Health Organization definition to the Good Manufacturing Practice as, it is a part of quality assurance to ensure and control consistence production, quality, efficacy and safety according to the quality standards specified by the local regulatory body beside the requirements of marketing authorization and appropriate for their intended use Globalization of pharmaceutical regulations helps in removing trade barriers, support free market competition and information transformation, enhance technical cooperation and increase cost saving of testing &evaluation processes.
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