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Phytochemical study on the root of Rotula aquatica lour   Abhishek Bharadwaj

Phytochemical study on the root of Rotula aquatica lour

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The root of Rotula aquatica, belongs to the family Borogenaceae is also known as pasanbed. It is found in India in in river bed of Netravati, Assam and through out hilly regions of central and southern India. Its various parts are highly regarded for their medicinal properties in the indigenous systems of medicine. Plants contain many active constituents and the utility of a crude drug is due to its therapeutically active constituent, so it is necessary to isolate particular compound of interest.Authenticated samples of the root of Rotula aquatica were subjected to pharmacognostic studies. Successive extraction by different solvents was carried out, followed by phytochemical screening to determine the type of constituents present in different extracts. Isolation of phytoconstituents by column chromatography was carried out with methanol extract. The isolated compounds were characterized by U.V. IR, NMR and LCMS. Results of anthelmintic activity indicated that ethanol and pet-ether...
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