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Psychosomatic Oral Disorders   Ajit Mishra

Psychosomatic Oral Disorders

152 страниц. 2013 год.
Scholars' Press
Psychological stress is the most common problem in modern life. It is the origin of many diseases which frequently affects people and leads to mental, social, and physical disabilities. Oral cavity is vulnerable against these changes. Moreover, psychosomatic medicine and its relation with dentistry are also well established now. In day to day practice of dental physicians psychosomatic oral disorder patients are frequently encountered. Such disorders are misdiagnosed or many times resistant to the drug therapy. The accurate diagnosis and management of these disorders require in depth knowledge of the stress and its related psychological disorders. This book provides the basic knowledge about the psychological disorders and its correlation with the skin and mucosal diseases. Various therapies and methods with the addition of pharmacological agents to reduce the stress have been emphasized. This book remains unique for being the first book written on the topic psychosomatic oral...
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