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Lipid Profile - A Diagnostic Marker for Precancer and Cancer   Rajul Mehta,D. Sujata and K. S. Ganapathy

Lipid Profile - A Diagnostic Marker for Precancer and Cancer

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The ability to develop cancer is a characteristic of all cells that are capable of reproduction and growth. Cancer, by its very nature – an abnormal, seemingly unrestricted growth of body cells, is distinguished from other. The changes in lipid profile have long been associated with cancer because lipids play a key role in maintenance of cell integrity & are major cell membrane components essential for various biological functions including maintenance of structural & functional integrity of biological cell membranes, activity of membrane bound enzymes, stabilization of DNA helix, cell growth & division of normal & malignant tissues. The usefulness of variations in blood cholesterol levels in diagnosis & treatment of various diseases has been studied. Researches have reported association of plasma lipids with cancers like lung and leukemia. The change in lipid levels may have an early diagnostic or prognostic role in the oral premalignant lesions and conditions and oral cancer.The...
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