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Dental Implant Surface   Shrimant Raman,Pooja Arora and S.P. Singh

Dental Implant Surface

124 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Dental implants are valuable devices for restoring lost teeth.Implants are available in man shapes, sizes and lengths using a variety of materials with different surface properties.Among the most desired characteristics of an implant are those that ensure that the tissue-implant interface will be established quickly and then will be firmly maintained.It is especially difficult to assess whether the various modifications in the latest implants deliver improved performance.Thus far, metanalysis of randomized clinical trials finds no evidence of any particular type of implant having better long-term success.The success and longevity of implants are strongly governed by surface characteristics. Although the methods discussed have been successfully developed and employed to produce dental implants with varying surface topographies, however, research in this area is very much active and several new technologies and methods will be introduced in near future to produce various implant...
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