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Errors in impression making   Nishant Gaba,Khurshid Ahmed Mattoo and Pooja Arora

Errors in impression making

84 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Impression making is the first and foremost step in diagnosis and treatment planning. A good impression will produce a cast that will apprise the practitioner about the prognosis of the proposed treatment.It is to be agreed that time spent in making a good impression will reduce the time required in adjusting the final prosthesis in the mouth as well as make it more comfortable for the patient in accepting the artificial prosthesis. Some of the more common concerns include tearing, voids, bubbles, and tray contact, the more that are made, the greater the inaccuracy, and the more that are eliminated, the better the result.So,it is obligatory for the dentist to update himself with all the theories and techniques of impression making as well as impression materials that can be used.The endeavour should always be to choose the best material and apply the specific technique for a particular patient while making an impression after examining the condition of soft tissues and the bony...
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