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Immediate implant placement   Deepak Vikhe and Geetanjali Deepak Vikhe

Immediate implant placement

204 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Implant placement immediately after extraction followed by an immediate provisional restoration can be a very rewarding way to provide implant therapy to our patients .It provides significant benefit both to the patient and the dentist compared with traditional delayed protocol of waiting for 6 months . It results in an improved preservation of the soft tissue drape and the bone architecture compared with their collapse after tooth extraction.In selected situations,it can even result in avoidance of bone augmentation and soft tissue grafts .The procedure also reduces the number of surgeries which may be beneficial both to the dentist and the patient .Factors critical to success include good initial implant primary stability in good quality bone. However ,immediate implant placement is technically challenging and should only be undertaken by clinicians with ...
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