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Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on the Facial Profile   Puneet Sardana and Sonia Sardana

Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on the Facial Profile

92 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Present research was to evaluate the soft-tissue profile changes of 90 Bengali subjects between 10-25 years by comparing standardized pre and post profile photographs exhibiting Angles Class II Division I malocclusion that were treated with four first premolar extraction treatment modality on the basis of seven angular parameters that may be influenced by orthodontic treatment and evaluate the esthetic consequences of these changes including both males and females treated with the Begg light differential force technique and those treated by the pre-adjusted appliance and to evaluate statistically, whether significant differences exist between the various comparisons. The changes were larger for Begg’s than pre-adjusted on an average with regard to most parameters. Further and more elaborate studies with larger population are required before any attempt at definite conclusion is to be reduced regarding any distinct subtleties of treatment responses for either males or females when...
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