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Esthetic considerations in fixed partial denture   Indrajeet Singh,Suhas Rao K. and Pranav V. Mody

Esthetic considerations in fixed partial denture

268 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The change in dentistry from need based dentistry to elective dentistry has made a significant impact on the profession and the public perception of dentists.It is estimated that up to one half of the dentistry accomplished at this time is elective. Much of this treatment is what could be considered to be esthetic dentistry including smile designing, bonding, veneers, tooth colored inlays and onlays, non metallic crowns and fixed prosthesis, orthodontics and surgical procedures, and many other procedures. Dentists and their staff must be proactive in their patient educational activities to stimulate patients to desire these elective procedures.If dentists ask for patients to ask for the procedures, practice activity can be influenced negatively. This book will assist interested professionals in becoming updated in the broad scope of esthetic dentistry and getting closer to achieve miracles. As well said by "Albert Einstein" in order to succeed " You have to learn the rules of the...
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