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Irrigation in Endodontics "Flush Them Right"   NIDHI SINHA,Preeti K. Dodwad and Bijay Singh

Irrigation in Endodontics "Flush Them Right"

136 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is a famous saying in endodontics "It does not matter what you put in, it is more important what you take out" (from root canals).Irrigants per se and irrigation systems play a key role in disinfecting and debriding root canal system.It is truly said , “Instruments shape, irrigants clean.” Every root canal system has spaces that cannot be cleaned mechanically. Mechanical part of disinfection is done by instruments but microorganisms located in isthmuses, deltas, irregularities, and dentinal tubules can not be eliminated by mechanical means alone. Irrigation also serves to lubricate the canal,dissolves pulp tissue remenants,removes smear layer and also has antimicrobial action.The technique used should be both effective and safe at the same time. This book gives an insight into the method and instruments of irrigation, various properties of each irrigant solution, mode of action of irrigation solution, selection of irrigant solution, problem in irrigation and new modalities of...
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