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Programming Of Articulators   Sumant Saoji and Anjali Bhoyar

Programming Of Articulators

156 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The articulator, simple or complex, is an instrument that assists the dentist to apply his wisdom and skill to a clinical problem. The significance of the role of an articulator in clinical dentistry varies with the complexity and extent of the prosthesis in question. Evolution of articulators through the years has given an insight of the researchers trying to develop a mechanical device that simulates the jaw members and its movements.The purpose of using an articulator is to develop a prosthesis that will be harmonious in the oral cavity. Various articulators have been developed and are being improved upon as and when the functions of the jaws are understood better. This book covers in detail the programming of all types and systems of articulators. Thus it will give a detailed insight to the reader about the working and mechanics of the articulators.
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