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Miracles Of Compomers   Nadia Inayat

Miracles Of Compomers

128 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Tooth decay is one of the more common diseases of childhood. The Pediatric dentistry is an integral part of children’s health care. Restoration of primary dentition is an integral component in the maintenance of mixed and permanent dentition. Recently, there has been advancement in range of tooth-colored materials available for restoring primary and young mixed dentitions, which are adhesive in nature and have improved physical and mechanical properties than amalgam.“ Miracles of Compomer” is an excellent and user friendly text on successful restorations in Paediatric Dentistry. It is a concise resource of choice for undergraduate and post graduate students. I would thoroughly recommend this book for anyone wanting an overview of restorative materials used for paediatric dentistry especially compomers.
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