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Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: Oscar's Story   Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home: Oscar's Story

2014 год.
Natasha is a very kind but serious little girl. She doesn't really like going too high on the swings, or walking along walls like the rest of her friends. Her older brother on the other hand is a total daredevil - and her three-year-old sister is completely fearless, too. Sometimes Natasha feels like she spends all her time trying to make sure they don't hurt themselves (even though Mum tells her she should relax a bit more!). When adorable ginger kitten Oscar arrives from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, he's already used a few of his nine lives - and seems intent on using up the rest too! He's had a tough start in life - someone found him sleeping rough outside a fish and chip shop when he was only a few days old - but that hasn't affected his naughty nature. Oscar's always getting himself into scrapes: chasing the neighbour's dog (and getting chased up a tree in return!), falling into the bath and even following Natasha all the way to school one day... Natasha loves her daredevil...
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