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Phagocytic activity in health and periodontal disease   Asif K. and Shaila V. Kothiwale

Phagocytic activity in health and periodontal disease

76 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Periodontal disease is characterized by loss of tooth attachment apparatus, typically including periodontal ligament and supporting alveolar bone. Its etiology is primarily infective, resulting from a complex biofilm of commensals and periodontopathic bacteria and their products, triggering an inflammatory response. Defects in PMN have also been demonstrated to be associated with rapidly progressive, prepubertal, localized and generalized juvenile periodontitis. The pathologic sequlae of altered PMN function in the oral cavity and the mechanism that play a role in the functional abnormalities have added to the understanding of the role of these cells in periodontal tissue destruction.•In thisstudy the localized juvenile group had least crevicular (45.3 + 9.98) and peripheral blood phagocytic activity (74.9 + 5.32) with ingested candida albicansThis study reported a highly significant (p > 0.001) decrease in the CF PMNs activity in LJP patient group (C) as compared to controls.
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