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Lasers in Prosthodontics   murali R and Raghavendra Jayesh

Lasers in Prosthodontics

172 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Lasers are now part of our lives in many ways. They are in our computer printers and compact disc players, they record prices at the supermarket check out, they light up rock concerts, and they guide weapons and measure distances between planes, and now they are beginning to blaze a new trial in dentistry. The need to integrate new technology into our daily activities has become a key factor to success is an increasingly demanding business market. The scientific methods and artistic details prescribed for reconstructive dentistry are well documented. The addition of laser to reconstructive process can heighten the art and science of this multidisciplinary field. The current use of lasers in reconstructive dentistry [fixed, removable, implant, maxillofacial prosthesis] encompasses a wide variety of soft and hard tissue procedures.
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