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In Vitro Genotoxicity Study of Locally Produced Bovine Pericardium   Akram Hassan and Abdo Mohammed

In Vitro Genotoxicity Study of Locally Produced Bovine Pericardium

108 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
An evaluation of biocompatibility is one part of the overall safety assessment of a material before coming to the market.Researchers and scientists should concern the needs of biocompatibility testing of new materials before allowing for medical use,mutagenesis systems to exclude cytotoxic or mutagenic/genotoxic properties are applied worldwide.The aim of this study was to determine the genotoxicity of locally produced bovine pericardium(BP) by Tissue Bank,Universiti Sains Malaysia.In this study,BP was incubated with mutated Salmonella typhimurium.The test evaluation was based on the number of revertant colonies.Four tester strains(TA 98,TA 1537,TA 100 and TA 1535) were used both with and without metabolic activation (S9).Results showed the average number of revertants colonies per plate treated with BP were less than double that of the negative control at all concentrations which indicated that BP was non- mutagenic under the present test condition.
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