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Quick Guidelines on Dental Practice   Normaliza A. B. Malik and Aws H. Ali Al-Kadhim

Quick Guidelines on Dental Practice

76 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This document describes simple and comprehensive guidelines of dental practice that Dental health care providers and dental staffs are expected to follow. The techniques and routine work practices outlined in this document are easy to follow and apply, thus reduce the number of infectious agents in the dental practice environment. Therefore prevent or reduce the likelihood of transmission of these infectious agents from one person or item/location to another. The responsibility for the implementation of these guidelines applies to all Dental health care providers. In general, the dental health providers must be familiar with the guidelines related to dental practice and as a dentist, it is ultimately a responsible that one must hold for the treatment of a patient. It is hoped that it will find a place in every dental surgery and laboratory to provide readily accessible information. The objective of this document is to provide essential information for carrying out successful and safe...
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