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Experimental aspects of oral diseases   Esha Walia,Narendra Nath Singh and G. Sreedhar

Experimental aspects of oral diseases

368 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Experimental aspects of oral diseases is a work compiled with great compassion, endurance and patience towards one of the most sensitive topic since times immemorial. This work is compiled with efforts and objective of keeping in mind that it gives relevant literature about history of animal experimentation, latest research pertaining to not only oral cancer but covering all the aspects oral diseases. We have diligently tried to cover all aspects; express our opinions and evidences both against and for animal experimentation. After the exhaustive research we have concluded that we need to actively involve ourselves in research and experimentation to improve existing national and world scenario towards health care system and for that primary requirement is acquaintance with study design, ethical issues, legal consent. Not only the laws should be regularized but also our need for animal experimentation is to be analyzed and assessed carefully so that we stop taking the lives of animals...
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