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Vi and Vim Editors: Pocket Reference   Arnold Robbins

Vi and Vim Editors: Pocket Reference

105x180 94 страниц. 2011 год.
O'Reilly Media
Many Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X geeks enjoy using the powerful, platform-agnostic text editors vi and Vim, but there are far too many commands for anyone to remember. Author Arnold Robbins has chosen the most valuable commands for vi, Vim, and vi's main clones - vile, elvis, and nvi - and packed them into this easy-to-browse pocket reference. You'll find commands for all kinds of editing tasks, such as programming, modifying system files, and writing and marking up articles. This second edition includes: Command-line options; Vi commands and set options; Input mode shortcuts; Substitution and regular expressions; Ex commands and options; Initialization and recovery; Enhanced tags and tag stacks; A greatly expanded section on Vim commands and options; Additional features in vile, elvis, and nvi; Internet resources for vi; A full index.
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