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Update to 3ds Max 4 Training CD   Laurent M. Abecassis

Update to 3ds Max 4 Training CD

As you may know, Discreet 3ds Max 4 is a complex and powerful 3d animation software. Teach-O-Matic : Update to 3ds Max 4, is the easiest way to learn the new features in Discreet 3ds Max 4, you can follow complete references and tutorials which will explain you in details, how all the new parameters works. Do you learn better when someone shows you how to use the tools? How about a Discreet Training Specialist to show you how to use them! Award-winning artist and author Laurent M. Abecassis has decided to finally make his well known training, available on Cd-Roms, more than 2 hours (123 movies) of interactive training are available on this amazing cd. Teach-O-Matic: Update to 3ds Max 4, is designed for both the novice and the advanced user, giving clarity and speed to the new features of 3ds Max 4. It brings a Discreet Training Specialist into your home or office for the most comprehensive interactive training available. Teach-O-Matic: Update to 3ds Max 4 does not require...
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