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Effect of Ahara on Maternal Health and Foetal Outcome   Neeru Nathani

Effect of Ahara on Maternal Health and Foetal Outcome

148 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The diet of a woman during different stages of life and especially during pregnancy plays a key role in modulation of maternal health and achieving successful outcome of pregnancy. In Ayurveda along with quantity of food, its elemental constitution, mode of preparation, combination, psychic consideration, manner, time and season of intake etc are also considered, in the acceptability of wholesome diet. Month wise dietary regimen has been described for pregnant women to keep mother and child free from natal and postnatal complications. The risk of early mortality and later morbidity of offspring increases with low birth weight. The results of this study reveal that quality of maternal Ahara has an impact on maternal health and their progeny. The health status of pregnant woman who had taken Satvika-Rajasika Ahara during pregnancy was better as compared to those women who had taken Satvika-Tamasika or Rajasika-Tamasika Ahara, and anthropometric measurements of their neonates were also...
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