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Lower limb ulcers, Indian study   AMITNANDAN DWIVEDI

Lower limb ulcers, Indian study

80 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Chronic wounds are a common cause of morbidity world wide. The frequent lack of any clinical assessment of patients in the community has led to long periods of ineffective and often in appropriate treatment.When considering any health care problem it is useful to have a clear impression of scale of the problem and the burden of care it represents.The prevalence of leg ulceration has been the subject of study for more than 20 years.A leg ulcer is not a discrete disease with clear diagnostic criteria rather it is the consequence of various kinds of underlying disease process.The range of diseases and conditions with the potential for leg ulceration is broad.Although diagnostic and therapeutic decisions in patients with vascular diseases are guided primarily by the history and physical examination, the use of non invasive investigations has increased significantly in recent years mainly as a result of technological advances in ultrasonography
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