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Care, Need and Crucial Considerations For HIV Infected Individuals   Satish Prasad Barnawal

Care, Need and Crucial Considerations For HIV Infected Individuals

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Mere providing Anti-Retroviral Therapy to HIV infected individuals can prove insufficient for better results. There are a good number of facets that necessitate an address for successful treatment. What if an individual takes ART but is non-adherent? What are the pros and cons of disclosure? What are the considerations before and after disclosure? How can one tackle stigma and depression? What are the recent global easy approach for diagnosis and care? Where can the patient land up if he/she is stigmatized or depressed? What other co-infections may be present that can alter the course of disease? What could be roles of family members, community and the health care providers? The book is updated with latest scientific publications. The content is not how I personally feel about; it is the reflection of the recent researches round the globe to have authentic answers to those queries.
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