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School-based HIV/AIDS' Health Education: Components and Curriculum   Idongesit Akpabio

School-based HIV/AIDS' Health Education: Components and Curriculum

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This Health Education Curriculum was borne out of the need to encourage interventions that could eliminate the public health problem of HIV/AIDS’ among adolescents and it took cognizance of the fact that health education could not be said to have occurred unless there is an accompanying change in behavior. For expected change in behavior, the multifaceted conditions that influence behavior must be addressed. The curriculum was developed with particular attention to health education concepts, assumptions and components. Furthermore, several relevant behavioural theories guided the intervention study and lent support as the bedrock for the curriculum. Apart from the aforementioned components, the intervention features that guided the development of the curriculum was the inclusion of parents or guardians (significant persons) in the study, involvement of modeling and demonstrations as health education strategies instead of over-emphasis in only cognitive learning. It is therefore my...
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