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PowerPoint 2000 Core with CDROM, MOUS Exam Preparation Guide, ENI   Eni Publishing Ltd

PowerPoint 2000 Core with CDROM, MOUS Exam Preparation Guide, ENI

Microsoft approved courseware This manual is the ideal tool for preparing the MOUS exam (Microsoft Office User Specialist) Officialy endorsed by Microsoft, it meets the strictest quality standards and will make itself indispensable as a referenceboth at work and at home. By following the lessons, you will acquire all the skills you need to pass the exam. You will know that you are ready to sit the exam when you can work through the exercices confidently ! This book is made of sic parts, each dealing with a particular topic : the Powerpoint environment, managing presentations and saving them as Web pages ; adding text, objects, and tables to slides ; managing slides, including printing; managing and formatting text and objects; creating special effects in slide shows. Each chapter is independent of the others, so that you can choose what to study, and in what order. At the end of the book, you will find the official list of topics tested in the MOUS Powerpoint 2000...
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