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Time: A to Z Health Guide : Eating Smarter, Exercising Better and Living Longer   Editors of Time Magazine

Time: A to Z Health Guide : Eating Smarter, Exercising Better and Living Longer

160 страниц. 2005 год.
Book DescriptionReaders trust Time magazine to bring them the most informative, useful coverage from the frontiers of medicine and health. And now the editors of Time have collected the most current research on the human body in the most up-to-date guideto better health: Time A to Z Illustrated Health Guide. From anxiety and arthritis to the West Nile Virus, this is news you can use from an authority you trust. It's all here: the latest findings on mammograms and hormone therapy, diet and nutrition, vitamins and herbal supplements, the links between mind and body. Designed to be a hands-on guide, this volume not only illustrates the workings of your body ? in detailed graphics and fascinating pictures ? it also directs you to hundreds of sources for more information, from medical societies to helpful websites. Here is a one-stop encyclopedia for better living, in easily accessible A-Z form.
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