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Corel WordPerfect 10.0 Quick Source Guide   Quick Source, Quick Source

Corel WordPerfect 10.0 Quick Source Guide

This 6 page, tri-fold full-color guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who uses WordPerfect 10.0! It provides step-by-step instructions on how to: create and open documents; save a document in other formats; change the way a document is viewed; utilize the NEW Zoom feature to enlarge or reduce part of an active document; navigate within a document; format text, paragraphs, pages, and entire documents; insert headers and footers; create lists; insert symbols; identify and correct spelling and grammarerrors; review documents as a reviewer and as an author; add comments; make use of the NEW Review Margin Maker feature; create and insert tables, charts, rows and columns, shapes, and clipart; customize WordPerfect; print a document; and much more! An excellent instructional tool for the user new to WordPerfect 10.0, it also serves as a handy reference for the more experienced user.
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