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A Comparison of Bilirubin Levels and G6PD Values in Nigerian Newborns   Temitope Obasa,Olugbenga Mokuolu and Ayo Ojuawo

A Comparison of Bilirubin Levels and G6PD Values in Nigerian Newborns

2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Neonatal jaundice remains a significant cause of newborn morbidity and mortality especially in developing countries like Nigeria. Jaundice in the newborn has been described as a "hidden" cause of neonatal mortality world-wide (but especially so in the third world), as it is not clearly documented as an individual cause of mortality, but instead lumped up beneath other headings. In the face of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, babies are exposed to higher and probably fatal bilirubin levels. This text proves the correlation between G6PD values and bilirubin levels in neonates, and confirms that even in the absence of common oxidant stressors enzyme deficient neonates will still haemolyze their red cell populations. It hopes to increase the level of awareness of this potential threat to newborn survival, and make a case for the institution of newborn screening for G6PD deficiency at birth in Nigeria; a country with a high prevalence of the enzyme deficiency. Professionals...
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