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Management of Malaria in Pediatric Age Group   Om Shankar Chaurasiya,R. S. Sethi and LALIT KUMAR

Management of Malaria in Pediatric Age Group

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"Humanity has but three great enemies: fever, famine & war; of these by far the greatest, by far the most terrible, is fever." William Osler . It can be concluded from the present study that ict malaria pf/pv is an easy and rapid test, sensitive and specific, does not require electricity or equipment, required only small amount of unprocessed blood and which can be for performed in opd, clinics and even at phc level within 10 minutes. Our results suggest that ict malaria pf/pv for detecting malaria in blood may prove to be an important tool in the battle against malaria. further more, ?-? arteether is better that quinine in term of rapid coma resolution, fever clearance, parasite clearance, well tolerability, more rapid schizonticidal activity than quinine, simpler to administer, almost equivalent in overall cost to quinine and also has no side effects.
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