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The Risk of AtrioVentricular Accessory Pathways in Children   waleed elguindy

The Risk of AtrioVentricular Accessory Pathways in Children

168 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
an electrophsiological study in children.The aim of my work was to point out the risk stratification for morbidity, mortality and occurrence of SVT in children and adolescents with accessory pathways using their clinical data, 24 hour holter monitoring, exercise ECG and electrophysiological study.we conclude the following statments; The 12 lead surface ECG during and after the SVT attacks and holter monitoring can be used non invasively to detect preexcitation in children with SVT. The localization of the accessory pathway can be done using fine and crude algorithm in the 12 lead surface ECG to localize accessory pathway. Not all accessory pathways are manifest thus EPS is done to exclude concealed pathways. During EPS the electrophysiologist should be aware that patients can have more than one AP. This study suggests that the left lateral position is a common site for accessory pathways to be looked for. Caution should be taken while ablating septally located pathways...
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