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Clinical pediatric research   Wejdan Aljboor

Clinical pediatric research

52 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pediatric clinical researches are like an outer space the more you get deeper the more you want to know. This book search about three different topics concerning the pediatric medical issue , one of them about Red Blood Transfusion in critically ill children and its relation to the mortality and which is the lowest Hb level is recommended for RBC transfusion in critical children will be safe and associated with less mortality?. The second topic is about spina bifida and its relation to the nocturnal enuresis in children this book answer the question of pediatric doctors and the parents who always worried about this problem if spina bifida really associated with nocturnal enuresis or not? The third topic explains why the children after discharge from the hospital they readmitted again by identified the risk factors that associated with rehospitilization of these groups of children. So as I said earlier the pediatric clinical research is like an outer space leading us to get deeper and...
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