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Plates for Color Vision Testing   Joern Kuchenbecker,Dieter Broschmann

Plates for Color Vision Testing

80 страниц. 2014 год.
Thieme New York
Designed for use in routine medical screening, this concise manual provides a simple and effective tool for detecting color vision deficiencies in any population. It features 32 color plates that use the principles of pseudoisochromasia (distinguishing numbers and letters on a color background) and pseudoanisochromasia (detecting characters of differing brightness on a color background) to assess and classify a wide range of disorders. The authors also provide practical information on administering the test and interpreting results, making the book essential for diagnosing color vision deficiency.Special Features:Offers detailed instructions on using the plates to achieve the most accurate color vision assessmentSupplies information on the physiology, pathology, epidemiology, and genetics of color blindness and associated disordersIncludes plates for blue-yellow as well as for the more common red-green deficiencies Includes cut-out E shape for testing children and individuals who have...
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