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Risk perceptions and information needs on hereditary cancer   Careen Dankers

Risk perceptions and information needs on hereditary cancer

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
If research has been conducted to the general public’s needs and perceptions concerning receiving information about the role of hereditary factors with regard to cancer, some determinants can be anticipated. Both cancer organisations and health educators can provide the correct information to the public. The aim is to improve people’s understanding of the relationship between genetics and cancer and to diminish unnecessary concerns. People know when they have an increased risk and when they have to undertake action, like cancer screening. With this foreknowledge, the development of cancer in susceptible individuals can be prevented with a potential for years of life gained being highest for youths with a genetic risk for cancer. Therefore a correct approach to hereditary cancer and other relevant determinants lifestyle habits are important in the contribution to reduce cancer. This study is a replica of a Dutch study (Department of Health Education, Maastricht University). It has...
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